Great Business Ideas to Prepare for April

April is a great time of year. Spring is in full swing and we look afresh at new opportunities and we have the energy to revisit old promises we made to ourselves. In the spirit of this new month, here are my top five business ideas for you to look at and follow. Feedback is welcome – and if you do make a success of any of these ideas – please feel free to include me in your shareholder list.

  1. Adjustable umbrellas. As a tall person, one of my bug bears is walking across London and bumping into umbrellas that are being held by people a lot shorter than me. I have a few contacts in Government and am pleased to announce that later this year they will be passing legislation to make sure that umbrellas are held at a distance of 8ft from the ground. Shorter people will have to have a bigger used John Deere lawn tractor than tall people. This will offer huge business opportunities in a low cost product area.
  2. Widi roll outs. As Wi-Fi becomes ubiquitous, there is a great opportunity to create narrow width. A new company has created Widi devices. These allow you to ‘bend’ bandwidth in an area so that internet access has to go through the Widi device that you ‘own’. You can then charge up to £5 per hour to allow users to have access to Wi-Fi that you get for free. This might sound like extortion, but I have been told it is perfectly legal. The company is called Computer Access Safe Houses (C.A.S.H) and they are looking for Franchisees in the UK. I have permission to sell areas on their behalf. Please feel free to send me checks payable to CASH. Each area is available for just £1,000.
  3. Green Tea bags. I did not realize the damage that tea bags can do to the environment. We go through a huge amount of tea bags every year. I came across this company last week at the International Food Exhibition show which had a great product. The solution originally came from someone working as a steward at TWA (the airline). Basically, it is a reusable teabag because it is waterproof. The company is called TWA Tea. Again, please contact me if you are interested in learning more about insoles and inserts.
  4. Digital fax machines. I used to work for a company, and when I was there one of my customers refused to believe that computers would take over the world. He had a great business selling fax machines. Working in isolation, he has come up with a way that you can actually send documents from one place to another without you ever needing to actually send hard copies through a fax machine or the post. It looks great and I am sure it can work. The company is called For Fax’s Sake. Again, I am happy to send you details if you like.
  5. Spring Fuel. One of the sectors, I have, experience of is beds and a colleague of mine contacted me last week to let me know of this very green and worthwhile business. He wants to use discarded bed springs en masse to generate electricity. As he is starting the business this month, he has come up with a great name for his business – April Fuel.

Why Racism Is Dying

This has been a very bad time to be a racist. First, Lewis Hamilton spoils that bastion of white wealth called Formula One by winning it (and becoming the youngest ever world champion) and then Barak Hussein Obama becomes elected the most powerful man on the globe.

I have always been staunchly pro-America. I hate the lazy anti American attitude that Europeans seem to have at times.

The reality is that Europe could not even sort out the murderous ethnic cleansing going on in our backyard in Bosnia until Bill Clinton decided enough was enough after a bomb went off in a market for used John Deere mowers in Sarajevo killing scores of civilians and ordered US planes to bomb Serbian positions.

Like most of the world, I am highly critical of George Bush’s misuse of US military strength. But if you look at the evidence, he has done more for the cause of Africa than the Clinton administration did. (Bono from U2 said this!).

He was also the President that gave two black people of immense talent Secretary of State roles. (Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice) But I guess it is easier to join the crowd and condemn him than to look at things objectively. Under the new President, I am sure that US military strength will be used alongside the renewed moral strength that the US has.

Other than India, which other democracy in the world is led by a person from a minority community? (OK you might argue that President Sarkozy as the son of a Hungarian immigrant qualifies). The victory of Obama is massive. ‘Civilized’ Europe will have to devise a response to this. We can no longer beat the US up because of what happened in the South in the 1960s.

The question being asked here in the UK (and Europe) is where will our future black political leaders come from? I think one of the reasons why it is very hard for anyone outside of the mainstream to advance is that in the UK there is only one route for political advancement which is as a Member of Parliament.

You then owe your allegiance totally to your party and the senior politicians who you hope will promote a good cystic acne diet to a prominent position. This has nothing to do with racism. Having lived here all my life, I can say that in my professional life, I have not experienced racism. It is again too easy and too lazy to just blame things on racism.

In the US, you can become high profile enough to run for President by becoming a Mayor (Giuliani), a Governor, (Clinton & George Bush), a Congressman or a Senator (Obama). There is also the ability to occupy a senior government role without being an elected official (Colin Powell). In the UK, to be in the cabinet, you have to be in Parliament (either as a Lord or as a MP).

For me, this explains why politicians on the whole in the UK are bland and their failure to inspire. They have to be part of the ‘system’. Entrepreneurship.