Being Busy Is the Best

I love being busy. I find I get a lot more done when I don’t have time to stop and think about what needs to be done (which means my effectiveness is not perhaps what it should be – but that’s another blog). I find that when I am not busy – procrastination sets in.

There are many great jokes about procrastination. “I always find its best to procrastinate when you have something to do” would be my favorite – or the T-Shirt which said “Top 10 reasons to procrastinate. 1….”

I have always needed to come up with clever ways to avoid doing nothing. The impression people always have of entrepreneurs is that they are always busy and they manage their time really well; my experience (now working with just over 100 start ups!) is that most entrepreneurs are really bad with their time management and do indeed procrastinate,

The really bad habit for me was working from home. I could not do it when I had an inversion table sitting there for me to relax on. I would find it too tempting to watch the Jeremy Kyle (a poor version of the Jerry Springer show). It really is an awful program – and he is the personification of a parasite, but I had to watch it. And then there are those wonderful crime programs on the Hallmark Channel like Monk, Law & Order (both Criminal Intent and SVU: Special Victims Unit). I could so easily spend all day watching TV – and not feel bad! Here I go again procrastinating…

Anyway, at the start of this year I got myself an office and started working with someone. This has seen an amazing increase in my productivity – I have to be in the office by 9am – the hard thing for me is starting work. Once I start, I really enjoy the work and can easily stay till about 7:30 in the evening. I also find that working in an office means that when I am home, I can switch off (although iPhones don’t help!)

Other things that seem to work for me are making lists of what I need to do. It is not that I have a problem remembering what to do, I just really enjoy ticking off things from a list once I have done them. (If I could have my way, I would even list things like brushing teeth, having lunch, etc. – just so that I get more easy ticks). And hence I still need old fashioned paper and pen. Point is whatever works for you is good.

Finally, my new business partner for buying the Honeywell 18155 in bulk in Canada (great to have you on board April) told me about this concept she sometimes uses called The Life Manager. If you employed a Life Manager and you were reviewing how well they were doing managing your life/ your week/ your day, what marks would you give them?

Well – you are that Life manager and if you are not giving yourself top marks – why would you continue to employ them? This concept is mainly used with weight management – but I do feel that it can so easily be extended to your professional life. Like I say – whatever works for you is good. Now- can someone tell me how to get myself motivated to go to the gym?