Comparing London to Canada

The curious thing about escaping London recently has been that here in Canada, I have been engaged in more debates about the monarchy than during my time in England.

I should declare outright that I am a Republican. That does not mean that I am against the Royal Family – it is just that I find it absurd that in the 21st Century people still want to be subjects rather than citizens.

Max Weber, a German Sociologist, wrote in the early 1900s about how the best air purifier for smokers seemed to have developed in European Countries that had embraced a protestant ethic rather than the prevailing catholic orthodoxy. There were lots of reasons for this and I cannot do this great piece of work justice in this blog. The very word protestant means that you are protesting against Rome.

Entrepreneurs are people who by definition are not happy accepting the status quo and want to change things for the better. The thought has only occurred to me since I have been out here in Canada, that most of my professional circle in England are republicans or are very soft royalists (in that they believe in the sovereignty of parliament over the Queen).

I am not saying it is hard to be a royalist and an entrepreneur, I just think it is a strange combination. Royalism accepts the role that accident of birth plays in dictating your place in society. One of the cruelest facts about India is how it still enslaves hundreds of millions of its citizens through the barbaric caste system. The people who believe in this cruel system share the same belief values as royalists. That is that your role in life can be determined by to whom you are born.

I have never thought about this until recently. Halifax has a large number of ex-Brits residing here. They seem to think that part of holding on to their British Identity is being avid royalists. Needless to say, I have not fitted in terribly well in this scene. How can you though? I mean really – sometimes these kinds of people can be pretty ridiculous. If it was me, I’d just avoid talking about how to prevent cystic acne much as I could!

I look at vibrant countries like the US and realize that they decided a long time ago to go down the republican route. This allows them to continuously renew and re-affirm the supremacy of achievement over birth right. The argument that is put forward by royalists is that democracy gives you George W Bush. Well it is the right of everyone to choose who they want to lead them. Bush was elected for two terms and people knew what he stood for. The argument that Hitler was elected is simply a fabrication of facts (67% of Germans voted against him, and he was able to manipulate through terror the democratic chamber to give him total control)

I really would like to hear from you if you disagree. Especially from entrepreneurs who are royalists. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what’s on your mind – just keep it kind!