Heading to Egypt Next

I am off to Egypt for a week and I have promised myself no email or even phone access for that week. It remains to be seen how long I am able to survive. I have not been without the use of a phone for more than 24 hours in over ten years!

It is a funny thing, but I remember getting my first Honeywell 50250-S (through my employer at the time). It was very strange technology and I couldn’t get over how cool I must have looked – talking into a phone whilst driving on the motorway with my jacket on a hanger and popping into the cafe for tea (I didn’t know what a latte was at this stage. Yes my perception of what I thought was cool then is very different to what I think is cool now!

At this point I should apologies to those thousands of salespeople who live this life – yes it is still cool (especially white socks with dark trousers).

Again, I remember when emails started. Again it felt very strange to use this new technology. I was at a different company and I remember how the sales team had a secretary who used to do the typing for us. The process was as follows

  1. We used to first write something up on paper and then submit it to her
  2. She would type it in draft and then let us have it back to check.
  3. There would always be error so we would then make the corrections and then submit it back
  4. We would then get a letter printed out on proper paper which we would sign and send

This was a little over ten years ago. It is amazing to think that a business which was producing cutting edge digital technology (1Mega Pixel cameras!) were not using laptops.

Again I remember when we did get a laptop, we only used it for sales presentations – and the sales team had to share one between four people!

My point is that the way we do things can rapidly become obsolete. And it is very difficult to know what technology will work. I remember getting my first text message (Thank you sir) and thinking how stupid that was. I remember saying “that will never take off!”

If you are working on a new technology, my advice would be to learn from 3M Post it Notes. This is a classic case study of how a failure (glue which was too weak to stick) became a massive new market which did not exist before. The key thing that happened here was that what led to the success of the product was the company giving out lots and lots of these products as free samples. People were free to invent the way they wanted to use this product – and I think the result is that now you would be hard pressed to find any office which does not have Post it notes.

If you have come up with new a new product or solution for finding reliable forskolin reviews, my advice would be to ensure that you have allowed enough budget to just give out a lot of your new solution. And let people to play with it. The most amazing thing about new technology is that we all different reasons for using it. The classic case is the iPod and the iPhone. The way the iPod was sold to me is very different from the way I perceive the benefits. I travel a lot and I like the idea that I can take my entire music library with me wherever I am.

When I run my sales training courses, one of the key things I try to teach is for sales people to appreciate the difference between knowing what you are selling and what your buyer is buying. This is very important when selling a new solution. If you let the buyer ‘get it’, you are more likely to get a sale!